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In addition to the transdermal treatments offered at, I also provide both distance and in-person services by appointment.   Botanical and energetic therapies can be of tremendous help in basic health maintenance, management of chronic conditions, and during life’s many transitions.  Given the challenging nature of the times we live in now, we all can use affordable extra support and knowledge to help make our way positively, productively, and in good health.

A major area of focus for me is on site work with people having chronic pain, serious illness or injuries, who are either confined to their homes or in nursing/rehabilitation centers.  Many individuals in these settings have difficulty tolerating touch, and also must avoid over-stimulation, but this does not mean they  do not need or welcome appropriate and gentle modalities.  I offer custom transdermal treatments to enhance circulation, reduce pain, soothe, and aid skin healing.   Gentle application of these is not only healing but relaxing.  I also do energetic work as tolerated to maintain proper energy flow and circulation.   

 Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions, which can include flower essence therapies if desired, are also available locally.  Jin Shin Jyutsu® is an ancient non-invasive energy balancing bodywork that one person described as feeling like “meditation squared”.  This is a powerful modality for young and old, as well as animals.  It is useful for any chronic health situation and to promote healing.  It is helpful in menopause, for anxiety, and for basic maintenance.

Distance services include flower essence, botanical and energetic therapies.  Diagnostic body readings are another service offered, both distance and in-person.  One very important aspect of distance services is the ability for a person to have their own specific blends prepared as need dictates, topical as well as bath mixtures, neti pot salts, and aromatherapy blends for diffusion.  People going through transitions such as job changes, divorce, trauma, or any shift need the support of a personalized mixture.  The energetic support of personalized mixes can allow an individual to move through stressors more easily than they otherwise might.

All services are by appointment.  Please either email me through this website, or telephone 530-377-5236 for fees and scheduling.

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