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Here are some of our ongoing Special Offers, followed by Products for Animals.
WE REWARD RECYCLING!! If you send us back three containers, receive a 20% discount on your next purchase.  Four or more containers, receive one free product.
You can always place a special order as well if you don't see what you need! 




All of our products are safe and effective for animals!  I have worked with  animals for many years with success, and both animals and humans have enjoyed the relief these natural products bring.

We make custom products for animal health such as:  

   -Dosage bottles of herbs and flower essences that can be sprinkled on food     or in water to support recovery from tumors or other illnesses for any      animal. 

    -Oil based applications for bites, gashes or other serious injuries.

    -Dosage bottles of flower essences for behavioral problems, such as feather plucking in birds, urinating in the house with dogs, juvenile behavior issues for any animal, moving and other transitions.

-CLEARING AND HEALING cream works well on hot spots and rashes.
-JOINT AND KNEE PAIN cream is helpful when massaged on sprained paws and aging knees.

Please email us on the website to discuss your animal's needs. You may then use the Special Order shopping option,  or get a Gift Certificate for any custom product.