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Rico Remedies Healing and Soothing Lotions


 A kit containing three completely unique products made just for you, based on your astrological chart, which I prepare.  Please include birthdate, time, and place in the "instructions to seller" section in the shopping cart, or in a separate email if you prefer.   This is a wonderful way to address both chronic and passing issues in your life, gently and effectively.  These products provide an efficient way to blend all the energies that affect your life:   the cosmic influences addressed with personally selected botanical and energetic remedies, to aid in consistent, overall well being.  (Please refer to Personalized Kits page for more information.)

We are all being influenced by the electromagnetic energies of the universe around us- why not harness that to help yourself? You won't regret it, we feel sure.

Initial kit cost includes preparation and short analysis of horoscope plus three individualized products.  Follow up  costs will be based on number of products in each succeeding kit.

Item #34

Price $200.00 


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